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Best Mobile X-ray machines for 2023

Best Mobile X-ray machines for 2023

Mobile X-ray machines

Best Mobile X-ray machines for 2023

Mobile X-ray machines are portable and reliable devices that produce high-quality images, thus significantly improving workflow efficiency. For decades, most x-ray machines have been built around the analog AMX system, which is responsible for x-ray imaging and provides high-quality images of stationary systems in a portable form. They are simple and flexible to use. Next, let’s take a look at the top best mobile x-ray machines for 2023.

Ecoray 1040 HF

This versatile handheld unit can be used both in the hospital and on-site. Its compact size, relatively low weight, good image quality, and ease of use make X-ray examination possible regardless of the patient’s position. This is very important in emergency care because sometimes the patient’s life depends on the speed of diagnosis.


⦁ suitable for examining both people and animals;
⦁ good quality images;
⦁ weight;
⦁ availability of built-in memory;
⦁ minimal power requirements;
⦁ manual remote control for starting the device.


⦁ power only from the mains;
⦁ fairly short cable.

Dig-360 Dongnum

Dongnum Dig-360, compared to similar units, has a wider setting range and can be used both with and without a mobile stand. Thanks to the auto-correction system, the set radiation settings are in no way affected by mains voltage fluctuations.

The device is popular in mobile clinics, clinics, and hospitals in remote communities, as well as in veterinary medicine.

The basic package includes a mobile stand, which allows you to take clear pictures regardless of the position of the patient’s body.


⦁ mobile stand;
⦁ ease of use and modern design;
⦁ the contractor is equipped with a halogen lamp;
⦁ touch switch;
⦁ lightweight and compact dimensions.


⦁ short cable;
⦁ only mains-powered.


The device became available relatively recently – in 2016. In terms of portability and functionality, this device is ideal: it works both on mains and battery power. This makes it possible to conduct examinations, for example, in case of a breakdown of the main X-ray equipment or emergency power failure.

RXR 100Ca is twice as powerful as conventional X-ray units, it is resistant to temperature changes, power surges, and vibration. It can be used in almost any environment.


⦁ compactness;
⦁ memory for 30 APR values;
⦁ operation from a rechargeable battery and network;
⦁ possibility of taking pictures with remote control;
⦁ easy-to-use panel;
⦁ tripod with electric elevator;
⦁ metal case for storage and transportation.


⦁ high price.

Advantages of mobile medical X-ray equipment

Mobile systems for radiological examinations have special structural features, small size, and lightweight that allow them to be moved around without difficulty. A portable unit is easier to transport. In addition, it is reliably protected against mechanical damage.

Today, portable x-ray units are very popular in surgery, traumatology, and other areas of medicine.

The advantages of portable x-ray machines are their versatility, high information value, and affordable price.

Due to the advanced features and ergonomic design, portable equipment can be used in almost any environment, which distinguishes it from stationary X-ray machines. Mobile equipment of this type is compact and lightweight, so it is recommended for field work and diagnostic manipulations in the field. At the same time, it can also be used as a ward unit. The purchase of such equipment will allow you to create optimal conditions for fieldwork.

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