Best defibrillator: LifePak 20


Best defibrillator: LifePak 20

The global leader in medical device manufacturing has released the LifePak 20 defibrillator/monitor, designed specifically to save patients. Developed with the participation of leading clinicians from all over the world. LifePak 20 is a simple, yet advanced device, a flexible, effective tool that meets all the requirements for such modern equipment in emergencies.

Features of LifePak 20

The LifePak 20 is very clear and simple to use thanks to the frequency-adaptive external defibrillation mode. A state-of-the-art alarm system advises the user with self-explanatory prompts at every stage of manipulation. LifePak 20 switches to manual mode at the touch of a button. All advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques can be used in this mode.

Key features:

⦁ Biphasic defibrillation up to 360 J – Synchronized cardioversion;
⦁ Cardiac pacing;
⦁ IDA mode;
⦁ SpO2;
⦁ Color LCD screen;
⦁ Alarms;
⦁ 50 mm printer;
⦁ Disposable/jacketed electrodes;
⦁ Built-in NiMH battery;
⦁ 220 V power supply.

The LifePak 20 is intended for use in the hospital, but due to its small size and lightness, it is easy to carry to the scene of resuscitation and can also be used in an ambulance. The convenient optional base unit allows the device to be securely attached to a crash cart for safe and quick transport and quickly removed when the situation calls for it.

The system of continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition in the background mode analyzes the patient’s ECG (by II lead) and in case of threat of FG/DT development informs the doctor about it.

Along with the manual mode the device can work in a semi-automatic mode according to the protocol set in advance and agreed upon with the management of the medical institution.

The device is compatible with various types of electrodes: reusable electrodes (adult/child), electrodes for open heart defibrillation (spoons), and single-use x-ray-transparent electrodes for adults and children.

Defibrillator operating modes

The LIFEPAK 20 defibrillator/monitor has several basic modes of operation:

⦁ Automatic External mode: You can use all functions of the device except synchronized cardioversion, cardiac pacing, and access to previous patient records. Provides discharge energy up to 360 J, ECG signal selection, and visual cues.
⦁ Manual mode: provides advanced capabilities for physicians. The physician sets the necessary level of discharge energy up to 360 J, synchronized cardioversion, and cardio stimulation.

Setting mode, service mode, demonstration mode, archiving mode, and autotest mode are also available.

LifePak 20 is equipped with adaptive biphasic technology which adjusts the duration and voltage of the shock impulse according to the patient’s impedance level. In automatic mode, the device can produce electric shock power (200-360 J) depending on the patient’s need. In manual mode, the operator can determine the discharge energy according to a preset protocol.

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