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Best lipo laser machine 2023

Best lipo laser machine 2023

lipo laser

Lipo laser is the last word in cosmetology. The procedures performed with this device are maximally painless and safe, which is why clients like them a lot. The main advantage of laser lipolysis is that the effect is noticeable almost immediately: the volume of fat deposits is reduced, the figure is corrected, and saggy, atonic skin is lifted.

How does the lipo laser work?

The essence of the liposuction method is to remove fat from fat depots using this technology and without surgical intervention. Laser diodes located in special overlays emit a light flux with a wavelength of 650 nm, which does not heat the skin. Because of this feature, the procedure is also called “cold lipolysis”, and low temperatures are not used during lipolysis, and the client does not experience unpleasant feelings.

The laser power enters the fat tissue and triggers a natural chemical reaction. Adipocytes (so called fat cells) are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids, freed into the intercellular space and transported to the liver via the lymphatic system. There they act as a source of energy and material for the formation of new cells, and the remains are removed from the body naturally. The cell, after the release of the fat, strongly decreases in size, which is reflected in the volume of the figure.

The lipo laser affects only adipocytes, without damaging blood vessels or other tissues. The membranes of the fat cells are not destroyed during this treatment but are significantly reduced in volume. Such an effect is physiological and does not cause severe stress to the body. Lipolysis causes the same processes in the body as natural weight loss.

PL-650 laser lipolysis apparatus – an innovative way to combat fat deposits

Lipolysis, or the process of breaking down fat with the PL-650 Lipolaser, occurs as follows: the infrared rays emitted help to break down fat cells into their components. In addition, the radiation contributes to increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which allows the decay products of fat cells to be eliminated from the body naturally.

As a result of lipo laser exposure, fat reserves simply “melt away”, and cosmetologist patients acquire a beautiful and slender figure.

The advantages of this machine include:

⦁ Guaranteed weight loss. As already mentioned, the laser lipolysis device helps to get rid of fat deposits even for those who ignore physical activity and do not want to sit on a diet;
⦁ The painlessness of the procedures. Laser lipolysis sessions do not cause unpleasant feelings to the clients of cosmetology clinics.
⦁ Prolonged effect. The laser lipolysis procedure starts the process of lipolysis, which continues after the session;
⦁ Absence of scars and scars. Fat is eliminated from the body naturally with the lipo laser, so there is no trace left on the body.

How effective is this machine?

The laser lipolysis procedure is based on the natural fractionation of fat cells. The function of the fat dissolver is performed by the cold infrared radiation generated by the lipo laser. Practice shows that people get rid of excess weight with this machine, even if they do not follow a diet and do not exercise. However, it is worth warning their patients that if they do not lead a healthy lifestyle, all the fat reserves that were removed with the laser lipolysis machine will return.

Also, note that laser lipolysis gives the fastest and most durable results if the patient combines this procedure with exercise and a proper diet.

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