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Does the trilogy machine provide oxygen?

Does the trilogy machine provide oxygen?

When treating patients with respiratory illnesses, it is difficult to predict exactly what to expect today. But there are situations everywhere where patients move, therapy regimens change, and patients’ conditions become dramatically more complicated. New, urgent tasks for healthcare workers that need to be addressed immediately arise on a daily basis. The trilogy machine was developed with such situations in mind. It covers a wide range of patients from newborns to adults. It is one of the few handheld ventilators intended to stay with patients at all times and provide consistent therapy and monitoring as the hospital environment changes.

How do ventilators work?

The principle by which ventilators work is called positive pressure ventilation. They pump oxygenated air into your lungs and pump fluid out of them. It sounds simple, but in reality, it is a complicated process. Modern ventilators have many different modes of ventilation that are used depending on the situation.

With Pressure Controlled Ventilation, the trilogy machine pressurizes the airways and alveoli in the lungs to absorb as much oxygen as possible. As soon as the pressure reaches the set maximum limit, exhalation mode begins. In this way, the respirator takes over the entire breathing process of the patient.

The versatility of respiratory support modes and the wide range of machine settings frees doctors from the need to change machines when the patient’s condition changes and ensures continuity of therapy for patients.

Characteristics of a trilogy machine

The trilogy is effectively used to support noninvasive and invasive ventilation in the hospital, at home, and during transport of patients from hospital to their homes.

For use in a variety of environments

Trilogy will be useful for patients with chronic conditions and those who find themselves in critical condition and need emergency care. The device is resistant to damage, so it can be used when transporting patients. Suitable for adult patients and children.

Long-term autonomous operation

The ventilator’s autonomous operation mode is 15 hours. This is significantly higher than other Trilogy models, therefore patients get the opportunity to feel more mobile. If necessary, the device can be attached to a wheelchair, also in a convenient transport bag. The batteries are replaceable.

Effective for invasive and noninvasive ventilation

The unit is customizable for the patient’s personal needs. You can choose your preferred mode of ventilation with pressure and volume control, SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring, and alarms for each parameter.

Optimized sensitivity to patient needs

The Trilogy algorithm offers an automatic patient breathing trigger and automatically adapts ventilation to the patient’s own breathing. This feature synchronizes the patient and machine and ensures patient safety and comfort without additional manual adjustments.


The trilogy is extremely easy to set up regardless of whether it is being used to treat subacute or chronic respiratory failure.

The built-in mixer provides an oxygen supply ranging from 21 to 100%. And for patients who can breathe on their own during the day and need to rest at night, the trilogy unit supports two different treatment programs.

Thanks to the color display and intuitive menu, the physician can quickly adjust ventilation parameters and make necessary changes for different patient categories.

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