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Is it safe to buy a used MRI?

Is it safe to buy a used MRI?


The importance of diagnostics for the early detection of diseases cannot be overemphasized. This is why many healthcare facilities are investing in the installation of MRI systems, which are an important tool for modern medical imaging. Most often, magnetic resonance imaging machines provide the doctor with important diagnostic data that cannot be obtained through other examinations and tests.
But MRI machines are extremely complex in design, operation, and installation, so their cost is quite high. This fact determines the demand for refurbished and used MRIs among medical institutions: by preferring to buy them in used condition, clinics can save up to 50% of the cost.

Reconditioned vs. used equipment: what’s the difference?

Professionals note significant distinctions between used and refurbished MRI machines, although these words are frequently used synonymously. Second-hand medical equipment usually means equipment that has not been altered or repaired in any way. Remanufactured machines are overhauled by the manufacturer and undergo a series of tests to gain certification and meet accepted quality standards for healthcare devices.
When purchasing a used imaging system, the medical facility usually does not receive a warranty. Accordingly, it is fully financially responsible for fixing any breakdowns or malfunctions, as well as the costs of dismantling, moving, and installing the equipment. Thus, among the most expected risks are frequent breakdowns due to high wear and tear on parts. Especially when it comes to a used MRI without an X-ray tube replacement. In addition, the machine may not work at all in the new location after being moved.
As for remanufactured MRIs, you can safely say “like new” about them. Any component that has not been functionally tested at the factory is repaired or replaced by the manufacturer, the software is updated, and only then does the machine go on sale with a factory warranty on all parts. The price of such equipment will be higher than used equipment, but the savings compared to new equipment can reach 35-40% of the market value.

Advantages of buying a used MRI

A refurbished MRI can meet a hospital’s diagnostic imaging needs just as well as a new model.

Benefits of refurbished MRI machines:
⦁ Savings of up to 40% of the market value of the equipment;
⦁ The ability to invest in a premium model right away, without sacrificing the image quality you want, instead of buying a new entry-level device;
⦁ Quality guaranteed by the manufacturer (reconditioned equipment undergoes comprehensive testing and maintenance, which includes replacing worn parts and software with new ones)
⦁ Warranty package;
⦁ Complete set (as a rule, the equipment is already complete with all the components necessary for work, so you do not need to invest extra money).

Thus, by buying a refurbished MRI scanner from a reliable supplier and choosing a system that best suits your specific diagnostic needs, the medical center wins by getting not only a low price tag on a well-functioning machine but also a manufacturer’s warranty. Now there are different models to choose from, so you can choose the capacity you need in teslas, the method of placement, and so on, based on the diagnostic needs of your institution. Purchasing refurbished used MRI equipment is definitely a cost-effective strategy that will help doctors treat patients inexpensively and at the same time with high quality and accuracy.

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