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What is the Wilson frame used for?

What is the Wilson frame used for?

wilson frame

The Wilson decompression frame is a radiopaque frame for human spine surgery from posterior access. The device provides surgeons with unlimited C-arm options and is indispensable for laminectomy, discectomy, disc surgery, and microdiscectomy.


⦁ Manufacturer / Brand – MIZUHO OSI;
⦁ Country of production – USA;
⦁ Warranty – Yes;
⦁ Maximum load capacity – 136 kg;
⦁ Frame weight (Model 5319G) – 16 kg;
⦁ Side adjustment – 0-15 cm;
⦁ Intraoperative cushion flexion for lordosis control – 8.8 cm.

Features of the Wilson decompression frame

The device has a fully radiopaque design and allows the use of C-arm X-ray machines during microdiscectomy, laminectomy, discectomy, and disc surgery. The patient is placed on the decompression equipment in the supine position and the cushions are adjusted to the patient’s size.

The frame is compatible with general surgical tables of any manufacturer. The equipment is made of carbon fiber and high-strength plastic. The total weight of the decompression frame is 16 kg and it is easy to place and secure on the operating table. All surfaces of the Wilson frame are washable and disinfectable.

The Wilson Plus Radiopaque Frame gives you a comfortable and consistent technique for supporting patients in a bent posture during a variety of lower lumbar treatments. Made of carbon fibers and high-strength materials, the Wilson frame allows unlimited radiopaque contrast at the surgical site.

The Wilson Plus Radiopaque Frame is available in two models:

⦁ A radiopaque device with Tempur-Pedic® Pressure Equalizing Cushions;
⦁ A translucent device with Tempur-Pedic® Pressure Leveling Pads.

The best version for spinal surgery provides the highest possible hip flexion and minimum lordosis with the use of the leg strap. This device can also be used in conjunction with the ability to rotate the patient 180º on the surgical table in order to safely place the patient without lifting.

360º radio transparency for excellent visibility and visualization of the surgical site.

The overlays flex to regulate the lordosis of the spine and expose the interdigital gaps for better surgical site exposure.

The tempur-Pedic cushion construction evenly spreads the load from pressure and conforms to the patient’s anatomy for improved comfort and support.

Narrowing for best comfort, two full-size Tempur-Pedic cushions offer uninterrupted comfort while adjusting sideways up to 10″ (25.4 cm). This design promotes better airflow and relieves abdominal pressure. A detachable curve system allows for adjustment, and a built-in torque limiter prevents excessive force.

It is a handy device that greatly increases the efficiency and success of spine manipulations. The Wilson frame will be useful for absolutely any spine problem requiring surgery in the supine position.

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