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Best IPL machines

Best IPL machines

Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) technology is one of the most popular technologies in cosmetology. It is most often used in photo rejuvenation and photo depilation devices; it is also effective for the correction of pigmentation and small vascular skin defects.

Like lasers, IPL systems use properties of electromagnetic radiation (light waves), but there are a number of important differences. IPL technology uses incoherent broadband (polychromatic) light with a wavelength ranging from 500 to 1200 nm. In IPL systems the light is not emitted continuously but in the form of single flashes (pulses) of high intensity.

Let’s take a look at the best IPL machines.

Lumenis M22 IPL Machine

Lumenis M22 is a modern, highly effective apparatus complex, the main advantages of which are safety, variability of offered solutions, and targeting of most aesthetic problems faced by modern women. The uniqueness of the complex is the combination of two technologies that have never been used together before: neodymium laser and IPL-tip. The device is equipped with 7 interchangeable IPL filters, each of which provides a particular depth of exposure.

Advantages of photo rejuvenation with the Lumenis M22:

⦁ Suitable for any skin type, for any part of the body;
⦁ Verified safety – approved by the FDA:
⦁ Possibility to solve various skin problems simultaneously (acne and post-acne treatment, removal of spider veins and meshes, pigmentation treatment, rejuvenation)
⦁ No seasonal limitations;
⦁ Cumulative effect (the first result of the procedure is noticeable immediately and gradually increases);
⦁ Minimal rehabilitation – patients will immediately be able to return to their normal lifestyle.

Venus Versa IPL Machine

Venus Versa is a single device that allows you to perform all mainstream medical treatments. The innovative Venus Versa supports four IPL applicators. Smart PulseTM technology allows you to direct energy to a selected spot in a precise and constant stream.

Venus Concept is another innovative solution for the therapy of skin diseases. It is also indicated for the removal of benign subcutaneous vascular affections and unwanted hair.
Its unparalleled effectiveness combined with its innovative design makes Venus Versa extremely practical for aesthetic treatments. Venus Versa produces 1-2 times more power than competitors in the 515-600 nm and 640-820 nm bands.

The Venus Versa machines have the largest treatment area in the field, which means faster and more effective treatments. The pulse repetition rate of up to 3 Hz allows for very fast treatments.
With the help of these IPL machines, it is possible to provide patients with effective, quality, fast, and safe skin treatment, and removal of unwanted hair. This is a profitable investment in the development of your own medical center.

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