What Exactly Are Infusion Pumps?

What Exactly Are Infusion Pumps?

What Are Infusion Pumps?

Infusion pumps are critical pieces of medical equipment that everyone in the medical field should have. They are beneficial not only to patients but also to medical professionals. According to recent studies from the University of Michigan Health Systems’ Materiel Services department, 86 percent of all patients admitted to a hospital require an infusion pump. Based on this data, every medical facility must purchase an infusion pump. However, if you are new to the medical field, you should learn about the details and applications of an infusion pump before purchasing one. Here are some important questions to consider before purchasing an infusion pump.

What Are the Applications of Infusion Pumps?

To purchase an infusion pump, you must first understand the device’s primary purpose and how it will benefit your medical facility. An infusion pump’s most basic function is to deliver fluids, medications, and food nutrients in a medically controlled manner. It is preferable if you ensure that your medical facility has an advanced infusion pump that will aid in patient safety.

Are There Various Types of Infusion Pumps?

There are various infusion pump brands, just as there are various types of similar medical equipment. To make the best decision, you should educate yourself on the various types of medical pumps. That is the only way to ensure that your facility has the necessary medical equipment.

Syringe infusion pumps are the most common type of infusion pump in the industry. Depending on your preferences, you can also consider smart pumps for your medical facility. However, it is always critical to find a pump that will meet the specific requirements of your medical facility.

Are Infusion Pumps Fixed Or Mobile?

Infusion pumps were initially stationary. In a hospital ward, the infusion pumps were fixed next to the bed. However, technological advancements have resulted in mobile infusion pumps. They can be used in ambulances, particularly for blood infusion and in emergency situations. As a result, if you want to purchase an infusion pump, you must consider your operational activities. If you serve patients who must be transported, you must locate a portable infusion pump. In some cases, however, a stationary infusion pump may be required.

What about intelligent pumps?

In the 1960s, the first infusion pump was introduced. It was a standard infusion pump with significant inefficiencies and other undesirable features. Smart pumps were developed for improved patient safety through constant innovation and improvement. The new infusion pumps are smarter and more efficient. It has pre-programmed features as well as drug libraries. One of the distinguishing features is an alert system that notifies medical experts in order to help eliminate medical errors.

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