SHIMADZU MobileArt Evolution MX7 X-ray Scanner

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Modern medical facilities require rapid examinations under a variety of situations. This newly launched, state-of-the-art mobile system is available in two forms: the standard type, which further enhances the highly-acclaimed maneuverability and easy handling of Shimadzu mobile systems. The system provides powerful support in medical facilities, thanks to easy positioning in restrictive locations, and outstanding operability, which allows intuitive movement of the unit by the operator. This is truly a reliable mobile system.

Great Image Quality You Can TrustBlurring suppressed by short exposure time
Displays Images tend to become blurred due to body movements during radiography, especially with children or emergency patients who find it difficult to maintain a fixed posture. The 32 kW maximum power output of High-Power Type delivers excellent image quality and short exposure times.(*1) This ensures sharp images with minimal blurring, even if the patient moves.

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Brilliant driving and outstanding operability
Shimadzu’s acclaimed power-assist function allows the operator, simply by applying light pressure to the drive handle, to manoeuvre the MobileArt Evolution MX7 naturally. The unit moves just as the operator desires achieving excellent handling when navigating around the wards providing unrivalled turning and manoeuvrability. The new silent motor and enhanced unit rigidity further reduces driving noise making it quite enough for ward radiography – even at night.

Shock-resistant body design
The body cover has been strengthened to prevent damage should the unit hit an object when moving around the wards. The unique soft-touch bumper automatically stops the unit when even the slightest pressure is detected. The stylish body is designed to be highly shock-resistant.

Inch-Mover Buttons
The “Inch Mover” buttons located on the collimator face allow the operator to make subtle forward and reverse movements of the unit while setting-up to take X-rays. An indispensable feature when making fine positioning adjustments at the bedside.

All Free Button
Pressing any of the “All Free” buttons releases all the electromagnetic breaks providing free movement of the X-ray tube and easy patient alignment.

Wide imaging range
When operating in confined spaces around beds the extra-long arm can freely rotate to provide coverage over an extensive imaging range.

Clear illuminated indication of exposure timing
Colour coded indicators located on both the collimator panel and on the main cart displays the exposure status enabling the operator to accurately time the exposure while simultaneously focusing on the patient’s comfort. The colour lamp in the hand switch provides additional conformation of exposure status. This unique function allows the operator to instruct the patient when to hold their breath.

Extra illumination hand switch
The long cable on the handswitch enables exposure at the bedside while the illumination function helps in timing the exposure correctly to minimise possible patient movement artefacts.

Adjustable drive handle height
During installation, the drive handle can be preset above the standard height making ward radiography tasks more comfortable fort all operators.

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