Instrumentarium Orthoceph OC200 D PAN/CEPH DIGITAL

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The quality of images is a result of many elements. A perfect image is as dependent on good patient positioning

and support as technical features of the equipment or specifications of the workstation. ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH®

OP200 D unit combines all possible factors for your benefit to ensure you a perfect image – every single time.

ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® product family masters the details.

Essentials for excellent panoramic imaging

–– Advanced high-frequency generator technology, 2–16mA / 57–85kV

–– Focal spot: 0.5 mm

–– Clinically correct imaging geometry

–– Correct beam shape: V-shaped X-ray beam

–– Proven CCD technology

–– Dose-controlled Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

–– Automatic Spine Compensation (ASC)

–– Accurate and stable 5-point patient positioning

–– Smooth rotation

–– Positioning lights: 3 laser lights

–– Professional software tools

–– Proper monitor and viewing conditionings: ask for a recommendation from your dealer

Essentials for excellent cephalometric imaging

–– Clinically correct imaging geometry

–– Powerful tubehead: 2–16mA / 57–85kV

–– Fully adjustable lateral scan for fast exposures

–– Dose-controlled Automatic Facial Contour (AFC)

–– Frankfurt horizontal plane laser light

–– Stable patient positioning with ear holder locking

–– Professional software tools

–– Proper monitor and viewing conditions: ask for a recommendation from your dealer

Acquisition computer included

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.

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