GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound Machine

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The GE Voluson S10 is a high-end and full-featured ultrasound system designed for general radiography use and specialized for OB/GYN with particular features for realtime 3D/4D acquisition. The GE Voluson S10 is developed based on Voluson S series platform; however, it has migrated design and technologies from Voluson E series. Due to the new release, the GE Voluson S10 does not support various transducers like GE Voluson E6 or E8. In terms of features, the GE Voluson S10 has been integrated similar options, especially for 3D/4D applications and user inferface — 23″ LCD monitor, GE Voluson family looking control panel, and 10.1″ colorful touchscreen. The body design of Voluson S10 is similar to Voluson S series. Transducers are connected by a micro-connector like Voluson S series. The GE Voluson S10 is also designed to cover Fetal/OB, abdominal, pediatric, small organ, neonatal and adult cephalic, adult and pediatric cardiac, peripheral vascular, MSK, superficial, transrectral, and transvaginal.

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The GE Voluson S10 is the most advanced Voluson in GE’s Signature series of Voluson ultrasound machines. The Signature line is in the middle of GE’s lineup of Voluson systems, with the most advanced being the E-series (Expert), while the P-Series (Productivity) is designed for smaller practices or those working on a tighter budget.

It is an excellent solution for OB/GYN and other women’s healthcare applications.

Key features of the Voluson S10 include its excellent 4D imaging with HDlive, as well as ergonomic and workflow advancements for automation and better image resolution.

Some of the more advanced features include a large 23-inch LED monitor that displays 98% more information than other Volusons in the Signature series lines (the GE Voluson S8 and Voluson S6). It also has automated measurement packages such as SonoBiometry (automated biometry measurements for BPD, HC, AC, FL, and HL), SonoNT/SonoIT for semi-automatic measurements of the nuchal and intracranial translucencies, SonoRenderlive for automating render line placement for 3D/4D imaging, SonoAVC for better visualization and measurements of hypoechoic structures (follicles, fetal brain, etc), and SonoVCADheart for volume computer aided display of the heart (provides a six-plane view of the fetal heart in a single volume acquisition).

Providian Medical GE Voluson S10 4D Ultrasound Review

GE’s Voluson line remains the king of 4D imaging. We’ve always considered the Volusons to have superior 4D imaging over any other manufacturer’s product, and the Volusons remain excellent systems for women’s health. The Voluson line continues to progress with newer 4D technologies, many of which are found in automation and continued improvement of the HDlive technology.

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