Ergoline Beauty Angel CVT42

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The Beauty Angel CVT 42 uses light in optimised blended spectrums in order to activate the body`s own Photo Rejuvenation. Stimulating collagen and elastin production reduces wrinkles around the eyes, tightens the skin and improves the skin’s general appearance. The skin`s receptiveness also increases, improving the effectiveness and performance of cosmetics and allowing active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.


  • Stimulates the collagen and elastin production
  • Visible anti-aging effect
  • Counters fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Refines pores and improves skin texture
  • Prepares the skin for cosmetic applications
  • Reduces the results of damaging environmental influences

Vibra Shape – patented method for wellness, beauty and fitness
The vibration plate integrated in the base stimulates the whole musculature, its patented seesaw movement simulating human walking movement in a fully physiological training method unlike other vibration systems. Whether young or old, our individual Vibra Shape Vibration programmes will help you reach your goals in short time. By the way: The combination of training and collagen production for protecting the joints is recommendable for athletics.


  • Tightens connective tissue and helps to prevent cellulite
  • Helps slimming by burning calories
  • Improves the blood circulation
  • Increases fitness
  • Trains the whole musculature
  • Enhances a feeling of well-being
  • Improves flexibility
  • Especially joint protecting
  • Simple, pleasant training – ideal for older or less fit customers
  • Positive benefits that you will quickly see and feel
  • Addition to Photo Rejuvenation
  • Selection of four programms



Collagen Lampen

42 collagen lamps activate the process of the Photo Rejuvenation. Small wrinkles are reduced and the skins general appearance improves.

Beauty Design

The white high gloss chassis has a classy Beauty design. With its artful ornaments the decor is a real eyecatcher.

Stand by Light

The standard interior lighting for the Beauty Angel CVT 42 creates an attractive design and invites you to feel well.

Ambient Light 

The color-coordinated ambient light creates a lovely atmosphere in the cubicle.

Mood Lights

The Mood Lighting sets priorities on the decor which is designed with artful ornaments.

Body Space 

The indoor of the Beauty Angel CVT 42 is 208 cm high and 86 cm wide, offering sufficient room to stand comfortably.

Silent Cooling

With its three ventilators which are arranged over your head the Silent Cooling body fan is very quiet and powerful.


You will stand in the optimal position with the handholds. The handholds make it easier to stand during the session.

Vibra Shape 

The patented vibration plate is the optimal addition to the light therapy. Burning calories will improve and tauten the connective tissue.


Stereo Sound 

The stereo sound system comes with two loudspeakers, channel selector, volume control and a connecting socket for the

3D-Sound System

The 3D Sound System will give you an inspiring musical experience with its speakers, subwoofer, SD-card slot and iPod & MP3 dock.


The Automatic volume adjusts the music automatically to background noise levels.

Voice Guide

The Voice Guide’s pleasant, reassuring voice will take you through each step and gives you further information about the session.



Dimensions, closed

(L x W x H in cm):

140 x 128 x 235
Dimensions open (L x W x H in cm): 184 x 128 x 235
Access height (in cm): 74
Minimum footprint (L x W in cm): 140 x 128
Minimum cubicle dimensions (L x W in cm): 194 x 240


Total power input at 230V mains Voltage: 8,700 Watt
Fuse (time-lagged): 3 x 25 A
Weight: 330 kg

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