Hapro Luxura X5 34 SLI High Intensive

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Luxura X5 with its pioneering design is your entry to premium tanning in this product segment. It already comes standard with a wide range of features and can be boosted to a high-class product just by adding extra features.


Body cooling

As refreshing feature CliMax combines different ways to create the most comfortable temperature while tanning. Air-conditioned air is blown between the double acrylics in the bed to cool the lying area. Secondly this exclusive system blows the air-conditioned air via the body cooler at the foot end in a fresh breeze over the body.


Qsens sprays a gentle mist to cool the tanner. This natural refreshment comes at intervals during the session and can be switched on or off by a simple touch on the display.

XL light

XL Light, 2-m-long tubes, expand the tanning surface to a maximum and ensure a head-to-toe tan without concessions.

Front panel

Choose the luxury front panel with Brandshield and Ambient FlowLight for beautiful colour effects at choice. (optional)

Aroma system

With Xsens III, three different fragrances can be put at the sunbather’s disposal. The client chooses a scent at the start of the session and can switch while tanning. Different delightful scents:

  • Ocean
  • Blossom
  • Sandelwood

Air extraction

Luxura X5 comes standard with two air exhaust pipes. As an option it’s possible to combine the two exhaust pipes into one by using the air exhaust T-joint. With the optional air exhaust jacketing, the pipes can be elegantly hidden from public view.

Ergonomically shaped surface

OptionalContourPlus, the ergonomically shaped acrylic shield which supports the sunbather’s body, making the tanning experience as comfortable as can be.

Face cooler

A separate face cooler makes the cooling sensation complete. This fine CliMax feature delivers airconditioned air to the face area. The directions of the face cooler can be adjusted easily. The body cooler and the face cooler can separately be adjusted in 8 power levels.

Full colour display

Discover the unique full colour display. It’s eye-catching and makes you want to navigate through its options at once.

  • Smooth, stylish design with truly intuitive handling
  • Smart Touch menu with easily understandable icons
  • Different tuneable features to choose from
  • Within easy reach on the inside of the canopy
  • Well-protected by acrylic sheet
  • Very bright – display can be read easily, also with protective sunglasses on

Sound system

With its optional quality sound system, Luxura X5 transforms every tanning session into a treat for the ears. No matter whether clients want to listen to a personal playlist, soothing lounge music or relaxing background tunes – they will bask in an overwhelming sound
experience. Four loudspeakers plus subwoofer guarantee a full sound. SoundAround Plus features besides four external channels, two pre-installed SD cards packed with relaxing and energetic music. All pre-installed music is free of copyright costs. The owner can use the SD cards for their own choice of music as well. Or the tanner simply plugs in his/her own MP3 player or smartphone for individual sound. My MP3 and SmartVoice are included in both SoundAround Basic and Plus.

Face tanner & filters

Choose your face tanner and filter:

  • SLi face tanner with halogen lamps placed behind a filter. Available in 400 W, switchable
  • SPr “spaghetti” tubes strategically placed between the tubes for extra face and décolleté tanning at comfortable temperature. An optimal mix of UVA and UVB within the EU norm, switchable
  • SPS gives extra attention to the face. In SLi versions the dark blue filter glass allows effective UVA output for direct pigmentation
  • BPS filter glass for SLi gives a perfect balance of UVA and UVB up to the optimum allowed by the EU norm of the 0,3 W/m2 and UV-type III. For extra stimulation of blood circulation, BPS also transmits some infrared. This will enhace the tanning effect, as well as the instant visual effect in the mirror.
  • HPS filters for SLi transmit a strong and powerful combination of UVA, UVB and infrared. This highly effective combination will give an instant visual tanning effect in the mirror.


Tubes top 18 x 160W
Tubes base 16 x 180W
Face tanner 3 x 400W
Central air exhaust capacity 2000 m3
Connection 400V/3N~/PE/50Hz
Power 8,1 kW
Power (with Climax) 9,4 kW
Fuses 3 x 16A
Fuses (with Climax) 3 x 20 A
Weight 395 kg
Weight (with Climax) 445 kg

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