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TOSHIBA Activion 16 CT Scanner

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Brands:: Toshiba


Activion 16 (16 slice) CT Scan Machine

Introducing the ActivionTM16 – a multislice CT system, an addition to Toshiba’s Multislice family, that combines the high technology of Toshiba’s 4-to-64 slice systems to provide exceptional image quality with a single-console interface.

The machine has outstanding reconstruction speed and automated MPR generation of true isotropic data expands your diagnostic capabilities and push productivity to a new level.


  • SUREExposure Dose Reduction
  • QDS (Quantum Denoising Software)
  • Boost 3D
  • 4 MHU Tube
  • RealEC (Realtime Exposure Control) – Dose Reduction Technique
  • Easy operation High Quality Images
  • 72 cm bore 205 kgs of bed’s weight bearing capaicty
  • Intuitive presets for scanning
  • Auto MPR
  • 42kW High Power Generator


Scan Time 0.48 s(partial),0.75 s,1 s,1.5 s,2 s and 3s
Application Hospital
X Ray Generator Continues
Scan region Whole body,including head
Row data Memory size 144 GB
I mage data Memory size 73 GB
Scan system 360 degree continues rotate
Power Requirements 300 VAC 3-phase (100 KVA Max)
Room Temperature 20 degree C -26 degree C
Scan field 500 mm max
CT scan field 180mm(SS),240mm(S),320mm(M),309mm(L),500mm(LL)
Scan mode S&S,S&V,Helical,GG-Helical,GR-Helical,Dynamic,SURE Start
Slice thickness 0.5,1,2,3,4 and 5 mm
Gantry tilt angle From forward 30 degree to backward 30 degree (in 0.5 degree increment)
X ray tube current 10 mA to 300 mA (step of 10 mA)
Gantry aperture 720 mm in diameter
X ray tube voltage 80,100,120,135 KV
X ray tube heating capacity 4.0 MHU
Detection system Solid-state detectors
Main detector 800 channels x 28 elements
Data acquisition 800 channels x 16 rows
Acquisition 0.5mm x 16 rows,1mm x 16 rows,2mm x 16 rows
Image recon Time Min. 0.17s time
Central processing unit 32-bit processor x 2


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