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Zero Helium Boil Off Magnet
70 cm Bore Width
Tim Technology Available
Lightweight Magnet
Lightweight Coils
550 lb Table Weight Limit
Vastly Reduced Exam Time
Seamless Clinical Workflow
Highest Quality Images
173 cm Bore Length
Allows Feet-First and Head-Out Exams
Lower Siting Costs

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Brands:: Siemens


The Siemens Verio 3T MRI scanner is a 70 cm wide-bore system that offers the speed and efficiency of a 3T system with the footprint of 1.5T system. The Siemens Verio 3T can be upgraded to the Siemens Skyra-fit, complete with Tim 4G and Dot technology. Even without the upgrade, this system is incredibly dependable, usable, and accurate. What separates this system from its competitors is its lightweight magnet – instead of weighing in at a whopping 26,000 pounds like the Trio, the Verio 3T only weighs 14,600 pounds, which is only about 16.5% more than an average 1.5T MRI system.

The Siemens Verio 3T MRI that we are offering for sale will help improve your facility’s productivity, cutting 1.5T scan times roughly in half. When you couple the already fast scan times with Tim technology, available on this scanner, you will see dramatic improvements in your clinic’s patient throughput. The Siemens Verio 3T MRI system comes with zero helium boil-off technology and only needs to be refilled roughly every 10 years.

This Siemens Verio 3T for sale will enhance your facility’s busy schedule by shortening scan times, providing the highest image quality available, and overall, offering shorter and more efficient scans with greater accuracy. The Siemens Verio 3T MRI scanner offers a 70 cm bore, adjustable in-bore lighting, adjustable in-bore ventilation, a comfortable and wide patient table suitable for patients up to 550 lbs, plus an intercom system for communication.

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