Philips IE33 Ultrasound Machine

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Philips IE33 Ultrasound Machine Features

The Philips IE33 cardiovascular ultrasound is considered by many clinicians to be the best, most easy-to-use cardiovascular ultrasound machine. The image quality and user-interaction on the Philips IE33 is considered by many as the best on the market for a premium cardiac ultrasound. With Live 3D (4D) imaging and PureWave xMATRIX technology (on later models with xMATRIX Edition), the Philips IE33 is often considered to be the best cardiac ultrasound machine.

  • Live 3D
  • xMATRIX cardiac transducer with 3000 elements
  • Automated Stress Echo
  • Premium Image Quality
  • Full Doppler functions
  • Live 3D TEE
  • 20-inch high resolution articulating flat panel display
  • Fully articulating control panel
  • Live Xplane multiplane imaging
  • SonoCT Compound Imaging
  • Tissue Harmonics and Tissue Harmonic SonoCT
  • XRES
  • iSCAN one-touch optimization
  • iFOCUS one-button focal zone optimization
  • iOPTIMIZE one-button optimization multifunction auto image optimization

Philips IE33 Ultrasound Machine Specifications


  • Height: 166.4 cm
  • Width: 55.9 cm
  • Depth: 113 cm
  • Weight: Up to 164.2 kg

User Interface

  • Monitor size 20″ VCD flat panel
  • Moveable Console Variable
  • Adjustable Monitor variable
  • Up to 500 fps 2D Frame Rate (probe dependent)
  • Up to 250 fps Color Frame Rates (probe dependent) Pre-processing
  • Post-Processing
  • 2 – 30 cm Display Depth(min/max – probe dependent)
  • Selectable Dynamic Range
  • Adjustable Transmit Focus
  • >100 Customizable Presets
  • 3 Transducer Ports

Imaging Modes

  • 2D
  • M-Mode

Doppler Modes

  • High Frame rate Color Flow
  • Color Doppler Velocity
  • Color Flow Mapping
  • Color Doppler Energy
  • Color Power Doppler
  • Directional Color Power Doppler
  • Directional Tissue Imaging(DTI)
  • Pulse Wave (PW) YES
  • Continous Wave (CW)


  • Size: 51 cm
  • Type: Flat-panel monitor
  • Tilt/swivel arm: Yes
  • Vertical Adjustment Range: 120.7 to 144.8 cm at the center of the screen
  • Color: 128 hues of color available

Scan Lines

  • Up to 1,024 scan lines, depending on transducer and mode

Gray Shades

  • 255 in 2D, M-mode, and Doppler

Input Signals

  • S-Video with separate luma and chroma for VCR video in
  • Pencil probe receptacle
  • Physio pulse, phono, auxiliary 1, and auxiliary 2
  • VCR remote control
  • Three transducer receptacles
  • DVR and VCR audio (left and right)
  • Microphone for DVR and VCR voice recording
  • External peripheral device remote control

Output Signals

  • Video: composite color, interlaced black-and-white, S-Video, and DVI-D
  • External report printer
  • USB serial data
  • VCR audio (left and right)
  • Physio analog signal

Data Connections

  • Ethernet network (10/100/1000 Mb/s)
  • USB 2.0

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