MINDRAY WATO EX-65 Anesthesia Machine

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Mindray WATO EX 65 Anesthesia Workstation is an enhanced workstation with maximum technical performance. With contemporary ergonomic design to suit the modern need of a medical facility, the amesthesia machine takes the recognized feature-rich anesthesia workstation to the next level. Equipped with smarter ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities, this anesthesia machine supports control and modes of ventilation.


30.5 cm touch display
Flat Menu design: maximum 2-steps for vent mode settings
Smart ventilator with all needed ventilation modes (VCV, PCV, PCV-VG, SIMV, PS and CPAP)
PnP gas module
Loops and waveforms on one page
lEtCO2 and Capnogram with 3 options:lSidestream/Microstream/Mainstream
5 Agents with auto-identified
BIS (Bispectral Index) – single wide module or combining with the gas module
Integrated, Flexible and Autoclavable breathing circuit with heating system
Mindray WATO EX 65 Anesthesia Workstation has a full-color touch-screen assisting caregivers in decision making through clearly displayed graphical and numerical data. The flat menu structure of this anesthesia machine educes the amount of interaction required to take control and parameter changes to a better streamlined workflow.

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Mindray-WATO EX-65 Features

The new WATO EX-65 takes the recognized feature-rich WATO EX-65 to the next level. Equipped with smart ventilator technology and enhanced monitoring capabilities the new WATO EX-65 offers a complete range of controlled and support modes of ventilation; including PCV-VG, SIMV-VG, and many more to fully meet the ventilation requirements for all your patients. The new anesthetic agent calculation software and intuitive UI supports more efficient fresh gas, agent and parameter setting which may help to reduce wasteful ‘over-delivery’ and associated costs.

The new compact WATO EX-65 is equipped with outstanding functionality. Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas module providing comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of FiO2, EtO2, CO2, N2O, auto-identification of 5 anesthetic agents and BIS. The new integrated user-adjustable patient suction is ideally located and available whenever you need it. (Optional).

With a 30.5 cm full-color touch-screen, the easy-to-use UI supports informed decision making through clearly displayed graphical and numerical data. The new flat-menu structure reduces the amount of interaction required to take control and parameter changes, streamlining your workflow.

  • Advanced patient monitor technology
  • Up to 7 ventilation mode including PCV-VG
  • Compact design which suitable for low-flow anesthesia
  • Heated breathing system
  • Modular design
  • Electronic gas flowmeter
  • CO2 canister bypass function
  • 30.5 cm/25.5 cm TFT touch screen


Mindray-WATO EX-65 Specifications



  • Height: 1350mm
  • Width: 700 mm (dual vaporizers without breathing circuit), 950mm (dual vaporizers with breathing circut)
  • Depth: 610mm
  • Weight: <120kg (including trolley base, without vaporizer and cylinder)

Top Shelf

  • Weight limit: 30kg
  • Width:480mm
  • Depth: 440mm

Retractable work surface

  • Height: 860mm
  • Area: 1012 cm2

LED Light

  • Illuminates all work surface

DIN Rall

  • Side of Machine: 370mm)

Drawers (Two)- locking internal dimensions

  • Height: 170mm
  • Width: 350mm
  • Depth: 270mm


  • Diameter: 125mm
  • Brakes: individual locking


  • Display Type: Color active matrix TFT
  • Display Size: 26.5 cm in diagonal
  • Resolution: 800 x 600
  • Brightness: Adjustable
  • Multi-display selectable: standard, large font or monitor
  • Display Parameters: All settings and alarms parameters (Breath rate, I:E ratio, tidal volume, minute vlume, PEEP, peak pressure, Pplat and electronic flow indicated bars)

Ventilator Performance

  • Pressure range at inlet: 0.28~0.6MPa
  • Peak gas flow: 100L/min plus fresh gas
  • Flow value range: 1 to 100 L/min

Ventilator Parameter Ranges

  • Tide Volume Range: 40~1500ml (VCV mode)
  • Incremental settings:20~100ml (increments of 5 ml) – 100~300ml (increments of 10ml) – 300~1500ml (increments of 25ml)
  • Pressure (inspired) range: 5~60 cmH2) – increments of 1 cmH2O
  • Rate Range: 4~100bpm increments of 1 bpm (VCV, P-mode) – 4~60bpm increments of 1bpm (SIMV)
  • Inspiratory/Expiratory ratio (I:E) range: 4:1~1:8 increments of 0.5 (VCV, Pmode)
  • Inspiratory pause time: OFF, 5~60% of inspiratory time increment of 5%
  • Trigger window: 5-90% increments of 5% (SIMV)
  • Flow Trigger: 0.5~15L/min increments of 0.5L/min (SIMV)
  • Pressure trigger: -20~ -1cmH2 O increments of 5% (SIMV)

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