Instrumentarium Orthopantomograph OP100 D Panoramic X-Ray

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The name Orthopantomograph has always stood for consistent reliability and clinically excellent maxillofacial imaging. Since the original Orthopantomograph was first introduced in 1961, over 45,000 installations have been completed worldwide, clearly illustrating the international success of the unit. And this success continues with the all-digital Orthopantomograph product family.

Essentials for excellent imaging

Benefit from high technology – The OP100 D features advanced high-frequency generator technology to produce more efficient radiation, which in combination with the small focal spot, ensures excellent high resolution images. The latest CCD technology, a fiber optic link and sophisticated image pre-processing algorithms generate high quality image capture and transmission. The patented V-shaped x-ray beam adapts to the human anatomy, providing even greater detail and a wider image layer.

Correct imaging values automatically – Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) and Automatic Spine Compensation (ASC) generate correct imaging values, exposure after exposure, with any size patient and with all users.

Accurate and stable patient positioning – Incorporating the well-proven OP100 patient positioning system, the OP100 D is just as easy, quick and accurate to use. Correct positioning is assured by three positioning light lines. Frankfurt and mid-sagittal lights aid correct angulation of the patient’s head and the Occlusion correction light guides occll correction. For easy adjustment, both the user and the patient can view the mid-sagittal plane in the curved panoramic mirror. An electromagnetically locked rigid forehead support is used together with a chin rest and bite fork to eliminate patient movement. Patient positioning is possible from the left or right side of the OP100 D.

Imaging programs

Versatile programs for easy diagnosis – In addition to the many standard imaging programs, special panoramic programs are also available. The Orthogonal, Ortho Zone and Wide Arch programs facilitate easy diagnosis even with difficult clinical conditions. For tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder diagnosis, the OP100 D provides programs for both lateral and PA views. The lateral view program can be replaced with the alternative Ortho TMJ program for obtaining a corrected lateral condylar angle view.

Acquisition computer included

For more information please check out the product brochure.

This unit MUST be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with breaker to insure consistent current.

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