Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed

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Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed Features
Scale System (optional): Can weigh patients and keeps a history of patient weights.
P500 Therapy Surface (optional):
Comfort adjust to optimize patient comfort within a therapeutic range.
Uniquely designed shear liner, coupled with a real-time pressure redistribution algorithm, minimizes shear and friction on the skin.
One button turn assist and max inflate features aid caregivers when repositioning patients.
Bed exit system to notify caregivers when patients have exited from the bed.
Integrated x-ray cassette facilitates portable x-ray procedures.
IntelliDrive (Optional):
Powered transport helps enable safe and efficient transport of patients throughout the hospital.
Mitigates the risk of injury for the operator.
Side rail controls.
Removable Headboard.
Removable Footboard.
Locking Wheels (x4).
Brake pedal on both sides of bed.
CPR Release – lowers head down from the elevated position to a flat position.
CGI Interface.
Manual and electric controls.

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The Hill-Rom TotalCare Hospital Bed was created for intensive care units and is designed to assist in the rapid recovery of the patient. Available with multiple options to best fit your needs including, standard 6″ memory foam mattress, built-in scale, air mattress, Hill-Rom P500 Therapy Surface, and Hill-Rom’s IntelliDrive powered transport. It is in excellent condition and refurbished to proper operating specifications.

The TotalCare Bed features both manual and hydraulic controls with which the caregiver can easily transition the patient surface into numerous positions from either side. Voltage switches operate the electric controls and are accessible to both caregiver and patient. The manual controls allow the bed to be operated and adjusted during transport when electric power is not available. Head, knee, foot, and bed up/down functions are easily operated through the hydraulic manual control, and a lockout feature is available to caregivers in order to disable the bed system articulating functions.

The P500 Therapy Surface not only addresses shear, friction, and pressure but also keeps the patient cool and dry – addressing the four main extrinsic causes of pressure ulcers. Hill-Rom’s patented Advanced Microclimate technology wicks away heat and moisture, making the skin less susceptible to damage. In addition, the advanced weight-based pressure redistribution technology in the Hill-Rom P500 Therapy Surface adjusts to the patient’s weight and position to ensure the right balance between envelopment and support.

IntelliDrive power transport helps enable safe and efficient transport of patients throughout the hospital, mitigating the risk of injury for the operator.

Configurations with air mattresses include a powered air surface designed for enhanced comfort with safeguards to assist in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

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