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Hill-Rom Affinity II Birthing Bed

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The adjustable Affinity II Birthing Bed has a safe, simple design for patients and caregivers. It is equipped with electronically-operated controls. Includes a new 6″ Hospital-Grade Memory Foam Mattress. It is in excellent condition and refurbished to proper operating specifications.

Hill-Rom Affinity II’s foot, head, and hi-lo bed functions are operated separately to maximize comfort or achieve proper bed positioning. Options to inflate or deflate the bed seat are found on both the nurse and patient control panels, and the lumbar section may be inflated or deflated for proper support. When adjusting the bed’s head section, the seat gradually tilts from 0 to 15 degrees; conversely, as the head section is lowered, the seat gradually returns to a flat position.

Aside from bed position customization, this bed also features a removable headboard, Trendelenburg positioning at any height, Central Brake and Steering, and tuck-away side rails for a zero transfer gap.

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Brands:: Hill-Rom


Nurse Call included standard. Conveniently located for patient access.
Lockout Controls: Used to deactivate Patient and/or Nurse Control Panel.
Instant CPR: Lowers head from elevated to flat position.
Removable foot section.
Built-in labor grips.
Foot supports (vertical/horizontal).
Reversible placenta basin.
Night light.
Calf support.
Full leg support.
Labor bar.
Arm board.
Permanent IV pole.
Multi-purpose tray.
Anesthesia screen positioned on either side of bed.
Kneeling with labor bar.
Foot Section: Foot Up/Foot Down controls.
Head Section: Head Up/Head Down controls.
HI-LO: Raise/Lower Bed.
Back Section: Inflate/Deflate Lumbar Section.
Auto-Inflate: Auto Inflate/Deflate Seat Section.

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