EcoChyll from Heidolph: Rotary Evap Chiller

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EcoChyll’s tankless design does not require water, antifreeze coolants, or dry ice unlike traditional methods. Accordingly, EcoChyll eliminates the hassles associated with dry ice usage and prevents health hazards such as frostbites and prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide.

EcoChyll’s robust chemically resistant metal condenser can exceed -35°C with an initial cool down time of 90 seconds to -20°C. EcoChyll’s cooling technology is continuously available, easy to use, saves time, and is worry-free; which allows users to focus on more complex tasks.

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The new Ecodyst EcoChyll S tankless evaporator is progressing rotary evaporation. The state-of-the-art refrigeration unit takes the place of standard water-, ice-, dry ice-, or antifreeze-dependent glass condensers. Reach stable sub-freezing temperatures in seconds!

EcoChyll’s patented refrigerated condenser sets a new standard for cooling samples and processes—all without the use of traditional coolants. No need to purchase antifreeze, dry ice, or worry about water taps. EcoChyll S eliminates the hassles and hazards associated with dry ice usage with continuously-available cooling. The EcoChyll is easy to use, saves time and money, and is worry-free—allowing you to to focus on more complex tasks.

Conventional rotary evaporator condensers are constructed of glass, which is a poor conductor of heat. However, this tankless evaporator has a robust, chemical-resistant metal condenser that can exceed -35 °C cooling temperatures. Rapidly reach low temperatures to condense vapors from samples/solvents to decrease evaporation time and increase productivity!

This Includes: EcoChyll, Eco adapter, Eco Condenser, stainless steel collar, pinch clamp & seal

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