Bien-Air CA 1:5 L Classic Fiber Optic

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Bien-Air contra-angles: marvels of precision, offering reliability and quiet operation. They are available in Micro-Series versions, shorter, lighter and easier to handle, Combined with the new Micro-Series compact micromotors, they are notable for their near-perfect balance in the hand. Soon you won’t be able to live without one.

Part of a long tradition of excellence, Bien-Air contra-angles have DuaLook dual glass rod lighting, three separate Accu-Spray air/water sprays that ensure perfect nebulization, as well as the ultra-precise Accu-Chuck locking and drive technology. The latest developments in Bien-Air contra-angles incorporate a new shaft and gear system mounted on pre-stressed ball bearings.

This offers vibration-free transmission and reduces energy loss. These Bien-Air shaft and gear systems simulatneously provide outstanding smoothness and improved sensitivity. For your comfort and that of your patient.


The most precise chuck locking and rotation drive technology in the world. Discover perfectly balanced instruments, with none of the drawbacks of imbalance or vibration.

Cooling with six separate air and water nozzles. The ultra-precise nebulization this provides cools the bur and the dental material as efficiently as possible and offers perfect visibility.

Push-button with and anti-heating safety system. This reduces the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instrument. For your comfort and your patients’ safety.

In addition to being robust enough to withstand all conditions, the dual-strand optical glass conductor gives and enveloping, non-dazzling light, clearly showing depth. DUALOOK: the best lighting on the market.

Bien-Air’s unique push-button insert and chuck locking mechanism. Light pressure is all that is needed. Bur changing is quick and comfortable. This mechanism guarantees firm yet precise locking.

Type Contra-angle with internal spray, anti-retraction valve
Ratio 1:5 (speed increasing factor of 5)
Coupling E-type as per ISO 3964
Locking system Push-button bur locking with anti-heating system
Bur dimension Bur shank diameter 1.6 mm
Cleaning/Sterilization Thermal washer / steam autoclave up to 135°C (275°F)
Light Multi-strand optical glass conductor light

Also available in non-fiber optic (CA 1:5)

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